What is the general privacy policy of RUIXU?

RUIXU respects the privacy of all the visitors of her websitewww.ruixubattery.com, all her (potential) customers and relations.

RUIXU puts the security and confidentiality of your personal information first and carefully handles your personal data.

RUIXU only shares your personal data with third parties if this is necessary for the fulfilment of an agreement or if this is requested by law.

RUIXU is constantly looking for ways to improve her services and tailor it as much as possible to your personal wishes and needs. In addition, RUIXU always takes your privacy in account and complies with the requirements of the applicable data protection legislation.

Privacy policy RUIXU

1.Compliance with Laws and Other Regulations

We comply with all national laws and policies and other regulations relating to the protection of personal information.

2.Establishment and Continuous Enhancement of Personal Information Handling Guidelines

The need to protect personal information is thoroughly promulgated throughout the company, from directors down to the most junior employees. We maintain and follow guidelines for the proper protection and use of personal information. We also strive to improve these guidelines on a continuing basis.

3.Acquisition, Use and Release of Personal Information

We clearly define the uses to which personal information can be put. Within these constraints, we acquire, use and release personal information only with the consent of the individual concerned.

4.Secure Management

We strive to maintain secure management of personal information, and have established the necessary measures to prevent unauthorized data access, loss, destruction, alteration or leaking.

5.Disclosure and Correction

Requests for disclosure, editing or deletion of personal information shall be responded to on a case by case basis pending confirmation of the identity of the requestor.

What right do you have with regards to your personal data?

You have the right to view, correct off to remove your data. In addition, you have the right to withdraw your permit to the data processing or to object the processing. You are also entitled to data portability in some cases. This means that you can submit a request to us to send the personal information, in a computer file, to you or another organization mentioned by you.

You can send your request to view, correct, remove or data portability of your personal data or your request to withdraw your permit or your objection to the processing of the data to sales@ruixubattery.com

What if the privacy policy RUIXU changes?

The data protection rules and our services may change. We therefore reserve the right to change this privacy statement. The most current privacy statement can always be found at www.ruixubattery.com.

This statement was last modified on  2 -15th-2019.